Who is Bobby Bofman?

Singer Songwriter, Author, Actor

Bobby Bofman was born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Bobby studied dramatic arts under the direction of the late, legendary,  Zina Provendie.

Bobby has performed in every type of venue ranging from small intimate coffee houses to football stadiums. Bobby says, “I love to play live because it allows me to make a personal connection with others. You just can’t do that in the recording studio.”

Bobby Bofman is also a published author: His book “Coffee House Poet” has done well on Amazon and other outlets.

Bobby Bofman is the real deal, the genuine article, the songwriter’s songwriter…and no matter which emotional gear he’s chosen to write in, whether it’s happy, sad, or whatever is in between – he’s an absolute pleasure to listen to on every level. Jer@SBS Music Magizine

Bobby's Philosophy:
Every day gives us a new opportunity to make a fresh start in life. Be willing to forgive and let go. Learn how to live and enjoy each and every moment of your life because it ends much too soon. Most of all, always remember that no matter how many times you fall down or fail...life is always better than it seems.