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A songwriter that’s earned multiple accolades and awards for his writing & music.

You can truly feel his love and passion for music.

He’s got an honest & observational style that is sincerely endearing and vocals to match.

The amount of heart in his music is as commendable as it is remarkable.

Album Reviews

Bobby Bofman – Collectors EP – EP Review Jer@SBS Music Magazine

We’ve got twice as much Bofman for you as we did last time!  Back with the first of two EPs here in review, we first checked out his music around March/April of last year through various singles and the release of his song “Plus One” – and it’s great to hear this guy start out 2019 with a Happy Rhythm to get the year off on the right notes.  A songwriter that’s earned multiple accolades and awards for his writing & music in the past, it’s always safe to assume you’ll get well-crafted tunes from Bobby Bofman – but what I think people will also really appreciate is that he’s never limited the potential for his own style or sound.  He tries a lot of things and is unafraid to venture into all kinds of different ideas – and you know we’ve got love for that here…that’s what being an artist is truly all about.  Bobby gets that.  He’s got all kinds of new songs in the mix here over these two back-to-back releases – we’ll be posting up a review on his other EP called Maybe Today as well – but for now, let’s dig into the Happy Rhythm EP first.  Read the full review here:

Bobby Bofman – Maybe Today – EP Review  Jer@SBS Music Magazine

As promised – back-to-back Bobby Bofman for ya!  We’re continuing on in checking out his latest tunes on the Maybe Today EP after having just reviewed the versatile set of songs on the Happy Rhythm EP – if you haven’t checked that out yet, make sure to click that link to head on over & have a read.  Make sure to check out the links below these articles as well…head on over to the main website & find out more…all that good stuff – plus, the first track on both records is available to ya free as well.  It’s an offer I’d definitely consider – especially on this second EP in review here today, considering that he starts out Maybe Today with one of the best songs he’s written & recorded with “Time.” Read the full review here: