2. She Wins

Bobby Bofman

She Wins Album Cover Art

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Words and Music by Bobby Bofman

Bobby Bofman delves deep into the power of conflict. Nicely framed, the song remains the best of Americana. Lyrics reflect upon the toxic relationships we sometimes find ourselves in. Poetic in temperament, the song unfolds to reveal a deep hurt, one that can only be cured by a person of questionable quality. Much of the song focuses on how somebody can get under one’s skin yet still be an important part of one’s life.


A guitar soars into the sky at the very beginning of the track. From there on Bobby’s band settles into a steady groove. Bobby Bofman’s vocals rest at the very heart and center of the track, serving as the song’s soul. Quite resonsant, Bobby Bofman sings with great strength. Over the course of the track the narrative references the inner pain that appears to become almost intolerable. This song possesses a wild spirit. There is an incredible guitar solo that lives right in the very middle of the track and then the song returns back to its hypnotic cyclical nature.


Vocals: Bobby Bofman

Guitar: Bobby Bofman

Guitar: Adam Armijo

Bass: Mario mendivill

Drums: Todd Chuba

Keys/Piano: Ioannis Goudelis

Recorded at Big Bug Sound  Phoenix, AZ

Engineered and mixed by Robert Lang