4. If It Matters

Bobby Bofman

If It Matters Album Cover Art

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Words and Music by Bobby Bofman

Bobby Bofman sculpts a contemplative world with “If It Matters”.  Quite clever, the highly articulate lyricism has a universal theme to it, the way that people oftentimes question the path they choose in their lives. Naturalistic imagery comes into the fray as Bobby Bofman sings of the disappointments and stumbling blocks found on the path in the exploration of life.


Not a moment is wasted in getting started. By taking on such a mellowed groove the song lingers in the mind long after it is over. Much of the leisurely approach to the rhythm results in giving Bobby Bofman plenty of space to deliver his meditations on the state of his life. By letting the song unfurl with such grace the piece gets a timeless, classic style to it.  Like being in a trance, there is something so inviting about “If It Matters” and its thought-provoking message.


Vocals: Bobby Bofman

Guitar: Bobby Bofman

Guitar: Adam Armijo

Bass: Mario mendivill

Drums: Todd Chuba

Keys/Piano: Ioannis Goudelis

Recorded at Big Bug Sound  Phoenix, AZ

Engineered and mixed by Robert Lang