1. Happy Rhythm

Bobby Bofman

Original Song "Happy Rhythm" by Bobby Bofman

Record Details

Americana, Singer/Songwriter

Bobby Bofman’s “Happy Rhythm” bursts with a joyful optimism. With a laid-back groove, the way the song unfolds gives it a timeless quality. Vocals rest prominently front and center of the track, with all else revolving around it. Adding in little flourishes of color the horns section does a particularly fine job in emphasizing the carefree spirit that nicely defines the entire piece. Stylistically, Bobby Bofman taps into a classic sound, bringing together folk, country and jazz into a cohesive whole. Lyrics further emphasize this togetherness, as Bobby Bofman sings “let it go” and sings it with heart.

Harmonica and guitar open the track on a soulful note. Upon the horns coming into the mix the song becomes quite colorful. Shifts to glorious, tactile bongo playing gives it a playful spirit. A swinging tempo takes over for the way the song evolves presenting a feeling that is light and airy. Letting it all go the guitar solo that adorns the middle of the track adds a centerpiece quality. Indeed, the guitar work utilizes a bluesy vibe, as the song grows ever larger and more prominent. Everything comes to a glorious fevered pitch with the horns and the guitar working in unison bringing the song to a fantastic finale.

With “Happy Rhythm” Bobby Bofman sculpts a celebratory spirit, one that feels truly touching with passion and warmth.

Words and Music by Bobby Bofman

Vocals: Bobby Bofman

Guitar: Bobby Bofman

Guitar: Adam Armijo

Bass: Mario mendivill

Drums: Todd Chuba

Horns/Harmonica/Bongos : Jim Hoke

Recorded at Big Bug Sound  Phoenix, AZ

Engineered and mixed by Robert Lang