2. Delirious (Instrumental)

Bobby Bofman

Cover Art for Delirious by Bobby Bofman

Record Details

Instrumental Jam

Played with true fire and passion, Bobby Bofman’s “Delirious” simply stuns. A swinging rhythm drives the sound forward with such intensity. Instrumentally rich the kaleidoscopic effect of the track creates a dazzling display. Harmonica, piano, drums, guitar, all of it works together to delve into a soulful sound that creates an entire narrative without having to say a word. Over the course of the piece Bobby Bofman incorporates elements of the blues, honky-tonk, country, all anchored by country-rock. With so much color and possessing such a deep understanding of melody the song lingers in the mind long after it has ended.

Drums introduce the piece and immediately the song settles into a groove. Piano playing goes for a nimble light touch. Harmonica weaves in and out of the piece. By far the closest thing to a vocalist remains the guitar, because the guitar truly sings over the course of this piece. Whether the guitar simply riffs or solos into the sky, the mastery of the guitar rests right in the heart of the track. Everything else revolves around the phenomenal guitar playing from the slight organ vamps to the increasingly more physically powerful percussion. By the latter half of the piece everything comes together in such a perfect way. For the final stretch of the track the song works itself up into a fevered pitch before coming to a grandiose conclusion.

“Delirious” is a rush of energy.

This song was recorded at two different studios in Nashville, TN and finished up in Phoenix, AZ.