4. Daddy’s Little Girl

Bobby Bofman

Daddy's Little Girl cover art

Record Details


Words and Music by Bobby Bofman.

Bobby Bofman: Vocals, Guitar and Harmonies

Recorded with the Scott Hetherington project at New Approach Recording Studios, Phoenix AZ

Bobby Bofman proves to be a masterful storyteller on the carefully crafted narrative of “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Exploring the duality of a personality, the way that Bobby Bofman lets the two contradictory versions play out: one the perception and one the reality. Through this balance, Bobby explores and highlights the humor inherent within such a common situation. Letting this drive the crux of the song results in a song that unfurls with such power. Instrumentally rich, the attention to detail is palpable from the loose, jaunty rhythms that propel the song forward to the world-weary vocals that help to give the song a sense of life. Over the course of the song all of this comes together with the greatest of ease.


The song wastes no time in settling into a comfortable little groove. Flourishes from the piano add to the impact of the track. The vocals describe how a person is able to avoid getting their secrets revealed. Deep in the song’s DNA is a loss of innocence, the way it can be so fleeting at times. Much of the song focuses on this fact, on the teasing with darker impulses in a life. By giving the song an Americana sound it feels like Bobby Bofman’s message gains true credence.


With “Daddy’s Little Girl” Bobby Bofman crafts a perfect pop song, one that lingers in the mind longer after it is over, as the lyrics have a timeless quality to them.