Bobby Bofman was born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Bobby studied dramatic arts under the direction of the late, legendary,  Zina Provendie.

Bobby has performed in every type of venue ranging from small intimate coffee houses to football stadiums. Bobby says, “I love to play live because it allows me to make a personal connection with others. You just can’t do that in the recording studio.”

Bobby Bofman is also a published author: His book “Coffee House Poet” has done well on Amazon and other outlets.

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Surreal scene with various eelements

Review from Jamsphere Magazine

Every so often I come across technically uncontaminated, fresh new releases that blow me away. Right now, it’s the music made by Bobby Bofman. He writes some great songs, and his delivery is just plain real. I have already reviewed some of Bobby’s musical creations in the past, so I kind of got a pretty clear idea of where his going.

The music is rooted in Americana with a variety of influences added, but like the best music, Bobby confounds any label immediately after it’s applied. I could compare him to a lot of people to try to give you some reference points, but I feel like that does him a disservice – as soon as you think, “Oh, he’s like so-and-so,” suddenly he’s not.

I got Bobby’s latest single a week or so ago, and as usual I spun this on my iPod while driving around, driving to work, driving home – basically I’ve played this track flat out! I was hooked on the first hearing though; beautiful vocals with a wide range of emotions. Clever and sophisticated lyrics that require several listens before you really get it, plus great arrangements with real instruments. I am still tingling when that clean guitar solo comes in strong and gentle over the acoustic-guitar driven rhythms.

The other thing that I love about Bobby’s songs is their range. You can hear his influences – which are wide and diverse – but he never imitates. Like all great artists, he takes from his favorite masters, and creates something genuine and wonderful.

Music doesn’t hit me good and strong this often, so when it does, I’ve got to share the good news. Grab this one. I can’t wait for the album!

Rick Jamm – Jamsphere Magazine

Listen To The Music