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 Latest Release: “Happy Rhythm”

From the bright shining horns, to the lush harmonies, and the bouncy beat, “Happy Rhythm” is designed to pick you up from wherever it is you have fallen. Of course the joyous soundscape is further embellished by the infectious melody and Bobby’s warm and inviting voice. The song eases the listener in with a recognizable rhythm, while the track is full of encouraging lyrics, accompanied by original feel-good fluidity.

It makes you want to kick back on the beach with a chair, an umbrella, and possibly an adult beverage and let the worries of the world slip away! There are only about a handful of artists left, who still care about recording cheerful, easygoing songs of this nature. Luckily for us, Bobby Bofman is one of them.

Jenna Johnson – The Music Journal


Peacefully Me

The thing that I love about Bobby’s songs is their range. You can hear his influences – which are wide and diverse – but he never imitates. Like all great artists, he takes from his favorite masters, and creates something genuine and wonderful.

Rick Jamm – Jamsphere Magazine

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